7 Tunisian food products you have to try


Tunisia beckons with an array of culinary treasures that are bound to captivate every traveller's palate. Here are 7 Tunisian food products that you absolutely must savour during your visit or even abroad from your home country.


A spicy paste made from chilli peppers, garlic, olive oil, and various spices. It is a staple condiment in Tunisian cuisine and is often used to add heat and flavor to dishes.
Savoring Harissa with olive oil, cheese, tuna, and eggs creates a flavorful symphony. Despite its effortless preparation, this mixture never fails to amaze whoever gives it a try.

Harissa Sauce by Miansari66 From Wikipedia

Harissa © By Miansari66

Olive Oil

A quarter of the nation is adorned with bounteous olive trees. From Tunis to Sousse, Sfax and beyond, olive oil is an omnipresent treasure.
Renowned for its exceptional quality, Tunisian olive oil boasts a global reputation as one of the finest.
The olive oil holds a paramount role in Tunisia's culinary heritage and way of life.

© Roberta Sorge From Unsplash

Olive Oil © By Roberta Sorge

Saida products

Discover the products of Saida, an iconic Tunisian brand famed for its delectable cookies and sweets. Each bite of their creations, be it Major, Sablito, Maestro, or any other name, evokes cherished memories. These products aren't just treats; they are vessels of tradition and shared experiences that every Tunisian holds dear.

Saida Major by Unknown

Biscuit Major © By Unknown

Assidat Zgougou

Partake in a centuries-old tradition by savouring Assidat Zgougou, a dessert that commemorates the Muled, a day of great significance in Tunisian culture. Crafted from Aleppo pine, flour, cream, and nuts, this sweet delicacy embodies the essence of heritage and festivity in each spoonful.

Assida Zgougou © By Treats Home Made

Assidat Zgougou © By Treats Home Made

Café Bondin

Café Bondin is a popular Tunisian coffee brand known for its rich flavor and strong aroma. It's commonly consumed as Arabic coffee.

Cafés Bondins by Unknown

Café Bondin Logo © By Unknown


Boga is a Tunisian soft drink. It's a refreshing beverage and is often enjoyed during hot summer days. This delightful beverage comes in two invigorating flavors, Boga Lime and Boga Cider (not made of apples but of carobs).

Boga Lim by Unknown

Boga © By Unknown

Slata Mechweya

Slata Mechweya is a traditional Tunisian salad made with roasted peppers, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. Often accompanied by the beloved tuna. For a taste of authenticity, opt for the fresh delight, or indulge in the convenience of the canned version available at supermarkets.

Slata Mechweya © By Habib Mhenni

Slata Mechweya © By Habib Mhenni


Wrap up your culinary adventure with the delightful allure of Chamiya, a sesame-based confectionery also referred to as Halwa Chamiya. This cherished treat brings joy as both a dessert and a snack. When paired with cheese and a steaming cup of milk, it's a guarantee that its irresistible charm will captivate your senses.

Halwa Chamia © By Nesma Cuisine

Halwa Chameya © By Nesma Cuisine

These products represent some of the unique flavors and cultural elements of Tunisia, and trying them can enhance your experience while visiting the country.
Fortunately, even after finishing your visit, acquiring these treasures is convenient, as they're available both in local supermarkets and online.

These websites deliver Tunisian products: Soukplace and Yooness.

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